I broke my golden rule … I hired a cute nanny.

I don’t have many rules, but I think I just broke my biggest one … I hired a cute new nanny.

I interviewed lots of women for our nanny job.  I met one who recently had a stroke and had no short term memory (issue #1). I interviewed one that “had five kids but not anymore” … hmmm?!  I interviewed one that said she and her boyfriend had taken a year off to play video games and watch tv in her basement (scary). One brought her medieval queen gown for me to see (yep!).

I met our new nanny for coffee last weekend in case I needed to make a quick dash out the door once I saw her.  She is a recent college graduate, she went to our high school, she lives about two minutes away, she loves to be busy and she loves sports.  Perfect.  She is also beyond adorable – blond, blue eyed and athletic.  I saw all three of my teenage sons SMILE when they were introduced to her.  I believe I even heard “thank you God and thank you Mom!” from two of them.  She also loves to shop, cook and she loves clothes — the girls saw an instant best friend.  So, I should be looking at her as a gift from heaven… right?  The perfect nanny for my five kids.  I’ve always thought the perfect nanny looked like Alice from the Brady Bunch — apron, a nice bun, black walking shoes and support hose.  My new nanny isn’t Alice!

So, here we are with a new person coming into our family.  I know she will be the perfect nanny for us.  I am grateful to be done with the nanny search … I can’t talk to one more wackadoo.

Just wish she at least wore a bun!



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