Creating a New Path

Five years ago, I started a business for my oldest daughter.  This was a business that I was hopeful would be her career into adulthood.  When you have a child with special needs, you have to plan their future with them… what do they like to do?  how many hours can she work? is it easy to understand?  will she learn from the experience? can I see her one day doing it alone?

I had found that in a business that recently announced it was closing.  Silpada Jewlery.  She has loved every minute of the past 5 years and she learned SO MUCH (we both did).  I’ve loved having her by my side as I put the legs under the business and got it going.  We quickly got the hang of it and found success together.  Silpada was a true blessing.

Today we are switching paths … we’ve found a path that seems almost too perfect for her. We sat down today and looked at the products and I had a call with the VP of Sales and Marketing.  The company was founded by women and for women.  I’ll be announcing her new path in the next few days, but in the meantime I’m celebrating God helping us find something so perfect for her and in such a short amount of time … we won’t even skip a beat!

Cheers to creating a new path when the one you were on closes!



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