“The Others” in Network Marketing

Network Marketing is for people who can’t get a real job and want me to join their team —  I will not host or even attend parties and I won’t buy their “stuff”.  

Sound familiar?  It should.  You’ve probably said it more times than you can count.  Be honest.  When was the last time someone reached out to let you know they were starting a business and you either rolled your eyes, promised yourself you wouldn’t host anything for them OR ignored them completely?  Raise your hand if you believe that these companies are all pyramid schemes designed to make someone on top rich and are meant to take advantage of people who are too dumb to know it.

Here is the truth about Network Marketing: 

  1. Pyramid Schemes are ILLEGAL.  Network Marketing companies are not pyramid schemes.  In the 70’s many companies were set up to be pyramid schemes.  Those days have long passed just like our cars, phones and safe corporate jobs of the 1970’s.
  2. People in Network Marketing aren’t good enough to work for a “real” company so they have to do network marketing.  Really? Have you ever met some of the people who work for “real” companies?  Here are some of the women I have met who are leaders in Network Marketing: Molly is a college professor in Colorado; Ally is a successful corporate lawyer in Ohio, Katherine is a well educated, world traveler;  Jan is a former business executive and major philanthropist in Arizona, Terry is a million-dollar level real estate agent in Southern California …. the list goes on and on.
  3. I’ve met so many women who were looking for a fun part-time, who were trying to make extra money for a son or daughter in an expensive sport, who were recently divorced and needing a job after not working for 10+ years, or a Mom who didn’t want to be away from her children 8 hours a day and still needing to work to help her family. Some have just always wanted to own their own business… you know, that entrepreneurial spirit we all read about?
  4. Hosting a party for someone who has a business is like going to a store owned by a friend.  If a friend opened a retail store would you shop there?  Of course you would! She has products in her store that she buys from large companies.  She depends on people to buy her products or her business will close. Think of a party as a store …. it’s the exact same thing.
  5. These companies have people working for them so the people at the top can get rich.  Ummmm, yeah.  So does Walmart, Apple, Nike, Sephora, Macy’s ….. it‘s called capitalism.

I love when people say “I don’t buy that kind of product”.  What kind of product?  Mary Kay as  been in business 50+ years and helped millions of women across the world make a living.  Name other companies who focus on giving women of all shapes, sizes, races, education levels and religions a chance to: make a good living, to set their own hours around their family needs, to grow in confidence, to promote other women and to sell quality products?  I promise you after years in corporate America … this doesn’t happen much.  Many of these companies also have a cause they sponsor through sales from their products.


Alternatives for the “others” in Network Marketing? They could tell their children “no, we can’t afford dance lessons“, they could enter our social welfare system, they could lose all confidence in themselves and pass that along to their daughters, or they could work full time at an hourly job barely making it while being away from their families.  For many women with full-time careers who come into Network Marketing, they are seeking an opportunity to mentor other women, many are looking for something “fun” to do because their day jobs might be less than fun, many are needing extra income themselves to put their children through college or help their family in some way. It’s an alternative industry for ALL women.

Now …. are there some companies and people in the business who are less than honest, who are out to make billions from others and sell products that might not be the highest quality?  Absolutely.  One answer to that …. Bernie Madoff.  There are people in the corporate world who are the same (many are even worse).  The answer to this issue is to buy from people you know, join companies that share your values and be sure that you know why you are considering a business of your own.  I tell people to do the same thing when looking for a corporate job – it is the exact same thing.

So, the next time you roll your eyes, ignore a text or think that Network Marketing is for “others” (as you struggle to figure out how to pay for soccer, to take a summer trip or to buy something for yourself) – think again about Network Marketing.  I’ve seen all kinds of women make a good part-time income along with women who have honestly made millions (they are real – I know them!)  These are some of the most confident and solid business people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.  They don’t get a paycheck because they are in a payroll system but delivering zero to the bottom line. These women get paid well because they work their tails off, they don’t take “no” for an answer and if they want something they can go for it. Again, have you ever heard of this type of promotion and pay structure in corporate America? I haven’t.

I’m off to buy Mary Kay from my neighbor, to buy lotion from my good friend who is just starting out (a professional photographer by the way) and to order a shirt from a young woman I met at the grocery store who is just starting her first business after having a first daughter.  Oh yeah, these are all WORKING women who have the confidence to go for it vs. talking about how they would NEVER do Networking Marketing. These women own their businesses, support other women business owners and help women of all kinds achieve their dreams.

For the record – I’m a former 20+ year corporate professional, owner of 2 successful businesses, non-profit volunteer, Mom and wife and a Network Marketing professional.

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