What is a Laughter filled life?

Some might look at my life and wonder if I planned all this chaos?  Five kids, 2 with special needs, 3 with large personalities, 5 pets, one full-time corporate career, 2 part-time start up businesses, non-profit volunteering, 1 nanny,  1 husband who travels each week with his job, church, great friends. 101 different interests and …. a lot of laughing in between it all.

Why a blog then?  I want to hopefully support another Mom who is wondering if she can truly “do it all”, it might help a parent of a special needs child to not forget to laugh a little here and there, it might cause a reader to pause and think about the blessings they have in their own life.  Or, it might just make someone laugh a to little and move on with their day.

I also want to leave behind something for my “tribe of 5” … something for them to read years from now so they how very much they were loved and to remind them of all those little moments that Mom didn’t want them to forget.  I hope it will also remind them of those things I want them to value in their lives when I’m long gone … family, laughter, volunteering, traveling, not sleeping walk through their life, and each other most of all. I also want to capture my own personal journey — a person  interested in new things, a person who is fascinated by the world and a person who is always on a quest to learn and grow. My first 48 years have been amazing … now I get to figure out the next 48!

My life is FAR from perfect — in fact we always have a small mountain of laundry waiting to be put away and our colored coded monthly calendar looks more like a Jackson Pollack painting. Mine is a laughterfilledlife… and for that I am grateful.

Join me on my journey … I will share what I am learning along the way … I will hopefully provide a giggle or two …and in 12 months I might have all our laundry put away!





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