the element of surprise

I try to make sure I tell the kids how much they are loved throughout the day.  Usually when they are flying out the door on the way to the bus in the morning or when dropping them at one of their practices.  Most of the time we still hear “love you too” even when other kids are around.  Grateful for that.  I started thinking about my “tribe of 5” and hoping they truly know how very much I love them.  Are my “I love yous” in the morning or squeezes before bed enough?  Will they look back when I am gone and know how very much they were loved?  You know the thoughts Moms have when the house is quiet and you finally have 10 minutes of peace.

Element of surprise.  I decided to try something new last night.  I cut our little paper hearts and wrote a special note to each one of them.  I carefully tucked it under their pillows where I knew they would find them.  One by one I heard them finding their notes — my oldest was classic … “what the heck is this trash in my bed?!”  They each found their little note and came out to give me a bigger than usual hug goodnight.  It worked.  By telling them how much they are loved in a different way, I think they really do know how much I love them.  

I checked today to see where the notes ended up.  Two had them on their nightstands, one had it on his dresser and 2 had them tucked back under their pillows.  All were carefully put someplace for safe keeping — it really did mean something to them!  Give is a try sometime – tell your kids how much they are loved in a way that will surprise them.  Let me know what their reaction was.




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