New office mates and Windows that open.

I’ve spent the better portion of 27 years working in an office.  I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in some pretty sweet digs-  on Capitol Hill (for a time in the actual Capitol Building), in a highrise in downtown DC and at the corporate headquarters of Hallmark Cards.  Great people and great offices.  After 27 years, I decided it was time to do something different, so I quit my full-time job.  Yep – quit.  Now, most will look at this as a totally idiotic thing to do — a great company – a great income – great benefits and working with some of my dearest friends (and hubby) and I QUIT?!!  Mid-life crisis?  Finally gone over the edge? Advanced stages of dementia?  There has to be some reason why I would just decided to up and quit with nothing on the other side.  

I decided to quit when I realized I was nearing 50 and wanting to do something different, wanting more time with my tribe of 5, more time with my hubby and wanting a window that actually opened (never had that in 27 years!).  I didn’t want to miss out on any of my son’s senior year.  I didn’t want to miss out on our last kiddo’s final year of elementary school year.  I quite simply didn’t want to miss out anymore.  I also found myself drawn to doing something more in the community or the world at large.  Good reasons overall, but still perplexing to some.  I get it.  I even thought the same thing a couple of times. 

One month later …. I was offered a part-time position working for a friend who has a small marketing and event company.  20 hours a week and I get to work with some amazing women who run a small but mighty company.  Refreshing to see how a small company hustles each and every day to grow.  I started four days after I left my corporate job (a great 4 day retirement!) and I find myself excited each day to get in there and hustle to help this company grow.  The same week I was offered the opportunity to become a patron on two committees for our school district.  One committee is focused on things beyond grades and the other is focused on special needs children.  Last week we talked about the rise of suicide with teenagers in country and in our own “lolly-pop and cotton candy” area — very scary.  Then, last week a gift came to me in the form of a position on the Board of Directors for an international children’s organization – a DREAM of mine.  It will allow me to work with kids around the world who struggle to even find safe drinking water.  And finally, my Silpada team grew with 2 new members who I truly adore — working a small business with friends is a blessing – never knew how much I would love working for a company like Silpada.  I always thought “those kinds of businesses” were for women who couldn’t do anything else.  I avoided the parties and maybe even looked down a bit at “those kinds” of people. What I’ve found is the exact opposite – lawyers, teachers, television producers, amazing Moms, business women – women who believe in helping women.  I started it for my daughter and now realize it was a gift to myself.

My journey over that past month has been positive.  Will there be downsides – maybe?!  I don’t really think about what the downside will be or when they might come.  Each day I wake up and say “good-morning” to my new office mates – Kobe and Francis.  I get my cup of coffee – open my office window and give thanks for being given this truly amazing opportunity to make less, shop less, spend less, work harder, help others and learn more about myself and others along the way.  Not a bad way to spend the day.

My greatest challenge to-date — what to wear in my new office….  new office mates don’t seem to really care.





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