What is a Laughter filled life?

i have finally figured out that my life works so much better when I use laughter as my anchor.  some might consider me “not serious enough” in the workplace and some may think i use laughter too much during the course of a day.  i know that laughter is what keeps my boats afloat and without it i would be like so many people who are just going through life one step at a time without even paying attention.  not me.

my life is full. by choice.  my life is crazy at times.  my life might look like pure chaos to others.  i like it.  5 kids, 1 husband, 2 full-time careers, 1 part-time career 3 adopted kitties, 2 adopted dogs, 1 nanny, a strong belief in our faith and a house filled with laughter.

there are days when finding the laughter can be a real challenge.  2 of our children have special needs, 2 have larger than life personalities and 1 is a 50 year old man trapped in an 11 year old body.  that combo provides the chaos, the struggles, lots of prayers and our daily dose of laughter.

this blog will provide a picture into our lives now.  hopefully our tribe of 5 will read it someday and realize how very much they were loved, how fun their childhoods were and how to appreciate all the amazing blessings that happen each and every day.  it might also provide a laugh to others who read it and encouragement to someone who feels all alone in the world of raising children with special needs.  my prayer is simple… may the reader of my blog be filled with a quiet moment, perspective and a giggle along the way.


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