Day 2 – hope in a sea of poverty

Today will be difficult to put into words. I find myself tonight trying to process the joy, hope and extreme poverty we experienced today. No words really. 

We saw people living in homes made of torn boxes, scrap metal and whatever garbage they could use to make a wall. People with no water. No electricity. One room shacks. 1 bed and 5 to 6 people living there. Searching for hope.

We we saw the Children’s International Center in the middle of this slum with children singing, playing, learning English, seeing a doctor and dentist and playing baseball. A place in the community that is clean and safe and full of hope. We heard from older children who are now working and going to college thanks to CI. Hope in action. 

We met one of our sponsor children today along with his Mom and Dad. Joel is 9 years old, a big smile and a love of baseball. We found so much in common with our two families – 5 children all the same age. So much hope for Joel to get his education and hopefully go to college and make a life outside of the area. Awesome parents who want good things for him. Pure hope.

Our hearts were broken meeting a precious little guy, Manuel. Four years old , cute as can be and comes to the CI Center every single day to be loved and cared for by our team there. Mom is a prostitute and step dad is an evil man. Hoping my prayer warriors will pray for Manuel, his little sister and his Mom.  Praying for hope.

Finished today having dinner with three Senators from the DR – hoping for help for so many of the children we serve. Hope is alive there in so many faces of the kids we met at the CI Center.  We have seen what a $25 a month sponsorship can do for these children. It can change the entire path for their future. Tonight we say extra prayers for Joel, Manuel and the other children and parents we met who haven’t given up on life yet. Full of hope.

Trying to sort out the question of why there are such extremes in life – having so much and literally having nothing at all – not even water to drink. Tough to get my head around tonight. 

Tomorrow we are up and out early to go to the city of Santiago. More children, more poverty and more hope. 


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