Simple words.

This has been a particularly longgggg week.  Hijacked with a presentation I didn’t know I would be working on, (on top of the three I knew I had to do) so my calendar was shot to bits.  Head to head tackle in football practice and one semi-concusion for my 12 year old (is that really a diagnosis?! “semi” anything seems strange when dealing with my kids and medicine?!).  A report card that has a “needs support” in the reading column for my daughter who was adopted from China 5 years ago. REALLY?! She isn’t reading like the other kids in her class?  SHOCKING given she was in a Chinese orphanage for the first 5 years of her life vs. the creme de la creme Harvard prep preschool down the street.  Hope her teacher appreciates my sarcasm during our conference next week.

For the most part, I usually let things roll  — I cuss a bit — use a lot of sarcastic humor directed at the situation — and then forget about it.  This week was a bit different though — maybe because it seemed like a 5 car pile up. My patience finally hit a breaking point during a typical large group team meeting.  As with any large corporation we have a knack for using some pretty impressive words over and over and over and over.  For some reason, this both amuses me and annoys me.  Right now the favorites are “pivot”, “iterate”, “lean into”, “space” and ” insight”.  And boy do we LOVE these words.  I am amazed at how many sentences can be formed using them all together … “Let’s iterate this program and lean into the insight that has created the new space that allows us to pivot this year.”  WOW AND WOW.

I came into work yesterday thanking God it was Friday and that I had lived through the week.  On my desk was a little jar filled with fall flowers and a tiny little hand made card.  “You are Awesome.”  No signature – just “You Are Awesome.”  One of the benefits of  my job is working with amazing (truly AMAZING) artists from all over the world.  The highlight of my 23 years in corporate life has been creating products with these fun, talented and amazing artists.  I get paid to sit in a studio with these artists and create new products. for real.

Simple words vs. corporate speak was exactly what I needed yesterday.  Simple, kind, easily understood and heartfelt.  The person who left it is this tiny, adorable artist who seriously can create anything we come up with.  She has a great laugh and she oozes creative talent.  I had no idea she was also a psychologist – knowing that I needed some simple words to get me through the last few hours of the week.

Simple words – “you are awesome.”  That was all I needed to finish 2 more presentations –  to sit through 3 more jargon filled meetings – and to get home in time to turn my precious little girl (who isn’t reading at the college level yet by the way) into an adorable  pink and white, fluffy, bunny for a Halloween party.

Life Is Awesome! Simple words.



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