Costco run and nothing to eat?

I spent $900 at Costco this week and “we don’t have anything to eat, Mom.”  Containers with 92 strawberries, a 90 oz. box of pretzels, a large bag with 32 individual pizza pockets and a box with 24 popcorn bags.  Still “nothing to eat” is the mantra around here tonight.

The 4 boys plus 3 friends just took off for the high school football game.  They decided to eat at the stadium since I guess our cupboards are bare.  The girls want to go for Thai food tonight since “everything else is so boring in the fridge.”  I have to admit the idea of making something tonight after a long week at works seems like a hideous idea.  I had promised myself that we were going to try to not eat out at all this month to see if we could really do it.  That was on Sunday after dropping a whopping $900 at Costco.  Pad thai sounds pretty darn good tonight though.

I love Costco – I really do.  I actually get excited when we decide to “do a Costco run”.  My friend Jackie and I actually make plans to go to Costco – sometimes 2 hours worth of Costco shopping.  Pure heaven.  I love finding great bargains – thinking that the 100 oz bottle of olive oil is a great deal. I have purchased things that I still have in my cupboard for that day when I decide to make a cake from scratch.  Never.   I realized I bought 8 cream cheeses on Sunday — but no bagels.   I love the idea of the kids coming home to a home cooked meal with all the fresh produce I bought.  I love the idea of going to the freezer and finding 16 different things for dinner.  Reality sets in finally.  It’s overwhelming for a Mom like me.  Too many choices?!  Yep — too many choices.  I do better with a few options of things I actually know how to make. What am I really going to do with phylo dough … and 4 lbs. of it for goodness sake!

I have to agree with the kids — I don’t think I can eat another pretzel this week or one more strawberry.  The boys are probably on their 3rd hotdog and nachos right about now and we girls are off for some spicy Thai food.


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