My little guy.

It’s so hard to believe that my little guy turned 12 today.  It seems like yesterday that we met him for the first time.

We laughed today about meeting him for the first time — a shy, blond little boy who was covered (and I mean covered) in days worth of dirt.  The orphanage director told us that his nickname was “dare devil” in Polish.  They brought him into a large room – he was so shy his head was turned and all we could see were his green eyes looking at two complete strangers.  He grabbed Jim’s hand and walked him to the playground in the yard in the back of the orphanage.  He climbed up the ladder — looking back and smiling at Jim the whole time — he got to the top and JUMPED into Jim’s arms. Luckily Jim was somewhat ready for the catch! I actually had my camera and shot a photo of that moment — probably my favorite photo of the two of them.  Each day we brought him an orange juice and a chocolate bar and each day his shyness wore off a bit.  He would eat his chocolate bar snuggled into my side and then off to play with his new best friend … Daddy.  Leaving him that first time was so hard — he stood at the fence at the front of the orphanage and cried.

Today, we watched him play football — make an interception in overtime and celebrate his birthday with his 4 siblings, dogs and cats.  He got the long-board he was wanting and took off with his buddy to try it out.  What a different 9 years can make.

Happy Birthday Patryk – I love you more than you know.  You will always be my “little guy” —  just a few inches taller.




One thought on “My little guy.

  1. Teddi-what a wonderful time for all of you!! I love the first time you met him and that you got that jump on film!! I hope that someday, your tribe of 5 can meet my 3 girlies!!

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